Outstanding Regional Planning and Community Development Award (formerly the C. McKim Norton Community Development Award):

Our long-standing award is given to an individual or organization that has demonstrated outstanding leadership in growth management and regional planning.  Recipients of this award embrace all the facets of smart growth by integrating concern for the environment and economic development with a desire to provide opportunities for all of New Jersey’s residents especially in the area of transportation, open space and access to good jobs and affordable housing.

Outstanding Individual Leadership in Planning Award:

This award was created specifically to honor an individual that has given back to the community by promoting smart growth principles in their personal and or professional life.  Candidates for this award have accomplished one or more milestones in advancing smart growth principles including such things as shaping legislation, leading advances in a state agency or municipality, or taking a leadership role with one or more non-profits that protect the quality of life in New Jersey.  It will also be given in recognition of a lifetime of service dedicated to improving quality of life by advancing smart growth goals – protecting the environment, reducing disparities among communities, promoting public transportation, promoting affordable housing and access to jobs.

Environmental Achievement Award: 

Candidates for this award must demonstrate leadership and accomplishment in protecting, restoring and enhancing the quality of the environment.  This can include the achievements of an effective non-profit, or changing business practices to improve air quality and increase carbon sequestration, reduce the consumption of natural resources, or alter land use patterns to be better served by public transportation and other infrastructure.

Economic Development Achievement Award: 

This award is designed to honor those that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in promoting economic development in a way that is respectful of the principles of smart growth – improving the regional economic base, whether for an urban, suburban or rural area; connecting jobs to housing and transportation; promoting growth in areas where infrastructure is planned or already exists; and promotes opportunities for all New Jersey residents.

Regional Equity Achievement Award:

This award is for individuals or organizations that demonstrate outstanding leadership in achieving social justice and regional equity by promoting policies that promote racial and economic integration; breakdown the barriers to affordable housing, good jobs, public transportation; and promote successful schools, safe neighborhoods and access to recreation and natural areas.

Resource Efficiency Achievement Award:

Candidates for this award demonstrate outstanding leadership in promoting the reduction in the costs of government, the costs of living and of conducting business in New Jersey. These actions may include leading fiscal reforms, championing land use patterns that use infrastructure efficiently and reduce the consumption of resources, or changing business practices to move goods more efficiently or reduce waste.

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